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Here We Go Again, Another Supposed Human Ancestor

Every few years scientists discover some new fossil which they proclaim to be another distant human ancestor; but they always later turn out to be all ape, all human or a complete fake. Every time this happens the media immediately declare the fossils to be a new humanoid, a “missing link” to our evolutionary past. The problem is that, years

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Earth’s Magnetic Field, Evidence of a Young Planet

The earth’s magnetic field, which protects all life from radiation, is rapidly decaying.         The earth has a magnetic field that protects living things from strong solar radiation and makes life on earth possible. Without our magnetic field life on earth would not exist. Since 1845 scientists have been measuring the earth’s magnetic field. They have come to the

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Folded Rock Layers, Evidence of a Young Earth

Hey kids, here is one more proof that the earth is not very old, folded rock layers. In many places on the earth, like at the Grand Canyon, thick rock layers have been bent and folded together without breaking. So, how does this happen? How do you bend rock? Old Earth Scientists, scientists who believe that the earth is very

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The “Faint Young Sun” Paradox

Old earth scientists have an insurmountable contradiction on their hands; if the earth really is billions of years, as they claim, a much younger sun would have been too weak to warm the earth, making evolution impossible. Scientists working in Australia uncovered fossil algae in rocks which old earth evolutionists claim to be evidence that life developed between 3.0 to 3.5 billion years

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God Bless Texas: On Textbooks, Texans and “Real” Science

The Director of the National Science and Teachers Associations, Dr. David Evans, Believes that the Inclusion of Creation Science in Biology Textbooks is “Simply Wrong”. Recently I noticed an article in LiveScience written by Dr. David Evans, who is currently the Executive Director of the National Science and Teacher’s Association. Dr. Evans, an oceanographer and former global warming consultant, is a scientist who obviously

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More Evidence of a Global Flood

Recently discovered evidence provides significant additional scientific proof, not only that the Biblical Flood happened, but that it happened in the way suggested by creation scientists. A new study has shed some light on the events leading to the global flood by describing catastrophic changes to the ocean floor. This study supports the creation scientists’ theory that the global flood

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