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Red Blood Cells and Collagen Found in Dinosaur Fossil

Researchers in London, England made an amazing discovery, one they never expected. What they found was red blood cells and collages fibers in a poorly preserved dinosaur fossil. The researchers at Imperial College made the shocking discovery while using a new method to slice the fossil into tiny pieces. They didn't expect to find  red blood cells and collagen in

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“Big History”: Anti-Christian Curriculum is Yet Another Reason to Home School

Big History is an openly Anti-Christian history and science curriculum that billionaire Bill Gates wants to teach to your children. Bill Gates, who in 2007 through the Gates Foundation gave more than 10 million dollars to a group that builds private Islamic schools in the United States, now wants to teach our children that there is no God. Gates, who

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Concerning Hobbits: turns out, hobbits are people, too!

In 2004 the excavation of skeletal remains in Indonesia was heralded as the “most important find in human evolution in 100 years.” The remains were proclaimed to be a new species and dubbed Homo floresiensis, a/k/a Hobbit Man. The “Hobbit Man”, actually a woman, stood only 3.5 feet tall and had an extremely small brain. Because of these traits scientists

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