Review of the Book: Old Stretchy the Dinosaur Bone Cell

Review of the book Old Stretchy the Dinosaur Bone Cell or What is an Osteocyte?! by Professor Mark Armitage and Debra Liz

The Stars Also

          What we think we know about the Universe changes constantly as we discover new scientific information. A good example of this

The Truth Awakens

     The East Coast is bracing for an invasion force one trillion strong, a force that will bring with it clear evidence

von Neuman Machine

       Just Imagine, a car that builds itself in your garage, and then performs its own maintenance and repairs! In

Kind and Gentle Manatees

  Our great God asks us to be kind and gentle. What does it mean to be gentle? God gave us an

Earth’s Magnetic Field, Evidence of a Young Planet

The earth’s magnetic field, which protects all life from radiation, is rapidly decaying.         The earth has a magnetic field that

Concerning Hobbits: turns out, hobbits are people, too!

In 2004 the excavation of skeletal remains in Indonesia was heralded as the “most important find in human evolution in 100 years.”