The earth’s magnetic field, which protects all life from radiation, is rapidly decaying.


      The earth has a magnetic field that protects living things from strong solar radiation and makes life on earth possible. Without our magnetic field life on earth would not exist. Since 1845 scientists have been measuring the earth’s magnetic field. They have come to the disturbing conclusion that the earth’s magnetic field is rapidly decaying. Based on the current rate at which the earth’s field is winding down it can be calculated that the earth is no more than 20,000 years old.

      Since scientists have been measuring the Earth’s magnetic field they have been observing a decay rate of 5% each century. Archaeological measurements indicate that the magnetic field was a full 40% stronger in 1000 A.D. More recently, the records of the International Geomagnetic Reference Field, (a very accurate measurement of the earth’s magnetic field) demonstrate an energy loss 1.4% in just thirty years (1970–2000).


Magnetic Fields During a Reversal

Magnetic Fields During a Reversal

      Creationists believe that the earth’s magnetic field is caused by a freely-decaying electric current in the core of the earth. The current naturally loses energy as it flows through the metallic core. Based on information that we have concerning the properties of liquid iron, this decaying current would have started at the formation of the earth’s outer core. The geologic record supports and confirms the young earth Creationist model. It is believed that the magnetic field reversed direction several times during the global flood as the outer core was stirred. Creationists also believe that the magnetic field has rapidly lost energy since creation. (Also confirmed by the geologic record). Creation scientists calculations suggest an age of the earth of about 6000 years. (Which precisely confirms the age of the earth calculated from the biblical genealogies).
      On the contrary, old-earth scientists believe that the earth is about 4.5 billion years old. The problem for old earth advocates is this, if the earth’s core were older than 20,000 years, then the energy (as a result of the intense magnetic field) that would have had to have been present a very long time ago would have made the earth too hot for it to be covered with water. As a rescuing device old earth scientists claim that the magnetic field of the earth is self sustaining. They propose a complex theoretical system called the dynamo theory. There are two major problems with the theory: 1, the theory violates the laws of physics; and 2, the theory does not explain the field reversals or the electric current in the seafloor. As another rescuing device some scientists claim that the loss in the magnetic field is linear rather than exponential. This would result in a slower decay rate of the electrical field. However, this explanation is contrary to the historical measurements that show that the loss is exponential.

      The bottom line if that scientists who claim that the earth is more than 4 billion years old have no satisfactory scientific explanation for the know facts surrounding the earth’s magnetic field. If the earth were in fact young, this evidence makes perfect sense.