A Little Peek at Darwin’s Beaks

A Little Peek at Darwin’s Beaks

The prevailing message from the secular scientific community is that rational scientists accept the evidence to understand the reality of the natural world, but they are opposed by irrational fundamentalists who reject the evidence to preserve a literal interpretation of the Bible. In fact a literal translation of the Bible helps rational scientists to accept the evidence to understand the reality of the natural world. Irrational atheists twist the evidence to fit into their Godless view of the natural world.

The anti-God bias of secular scientist is even evident in the way they rewrite history to fit their worldview. The mere mention of Darwin or evolution will often evoke the tale of “Darwin’s finches,” a story that is mostly fictional. Much of what Darwin thought he knew about the Galápagos finches was wrong. Darwin never visited South America north of Peru, so he would have been completely unaware of any differences between the mainland finches and those on the islands. Finches were never mentioned in Darwin’s book, The Origin of the Species and they seemingly had little or nothing to do with the formation of Darwin’s theories. It was not until one hundred years after Darwin’s voyage that differences in the bird’s beaks were tied to variations in their diet. Only then were the finicky fowl deemed “Darwin’s finches.” It may seem like I am being persnickety, but my point is that the legend of Darwin has been carefully cultivated to add weight to the wholly unscientific and ridiculous theory of this strange and tormented man, Charles Darwin.

God created the world in six literal days, a few thousand years ago, and you can believe it.

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