“Big History”: Anti-Christian Curriculum is Yet Another Reason to Home School

“Big History”: Anti-Christian Curriculum is Yet Another Reason to Home School

Big History is an openly Anti-Christian history and science curriculum that billionaire Bill Gates wants to teach to your children.

Bill Gates, who in 2007 through the Gates Foundation gave more than 10 million dollars to a group that builds private Islamic schools in the United States, now wants to teach our children that there is no God. Gates, who made his billions at the helm of Microsoft, is now teaming up with his left wing friends to promote school curricula. Gates recently made news headlines by backing the Common Core curriculum, which is an initiative to impose secular curriculum standards nationwide; but he is not finished there. He has now partnered with historian David Christian (an ironic last name) to promote Christianʼs new anti-Christian history curriculum called “Big History” which was used last year in 55 schools around the world.


Big History starts at the beginning, which according to Christian was 13,700,000,000 years ago. The ten-unit course spends almost half its time covering the formation of the Earth, planets and stars. The course is actually a blending of geology, physics, biologic evolution and anthropology. However, Big History does not spend much time discussing the most significant influence in the history of mankind, Christianity. The curriculum mostly avoids discussing Christianity except to present it as an intolerant and dangerous delusion. Big History describes the creation account in Genesis as a myth.


“Creation myths are powerful because they speak to our spiritual, psychic, and social need for a sense of place and a sense of belonging. Because they provide so fundamental a sense of orientation, they are often integrated into religious thinking at the deepest levels, as the Genesis story is within the Judeo- Christian-Islamic tradition.” (Maps of Time, 2).Throughout the Big History curriculum the impact of religion on the history of the world is either ignored or minimized. Where the curriculum does discuss religion it is, almost exclusively, done to cast Christianity in a negative light. For example it delights in describing how Galileo was indicted by the Inquisition and how the Catholic Church later apologized for its misguided actions. As you may recall, Galileo, the famous sixteenth century Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher, was criticized and admonished by Pope Paul V for openly promoting Copernicus’ theory that the Sun was at the center of the solar system. But the author of this Big History section cannot rest by merely reporting the intolerance and ignorance of the Catholic Church, she goes on to quote priest Father George Coyne as saying:

“[The Catholic] Church is a human institution, and a human institution can make, and had made mistakes.” [emphasis added]

The author concludes by recounting, (to her her horror and disbelief), how Pope Benedict XVI had once said that the Catholic Churchʼs “verdict against Galileo had been ʻrational and just.” She all but equates Christianity with L. Ron Hubbardʼs Dianetics, (which Big History probably holds in higher regard than Christianity). But the Big Historyʼs campaign against God does not stop at merely casting Christianity, wherever possible, in a poor light. At one point Big History goes on to describe all religion as fictitious, small-minded and no longer safe for a modern society.

“[I]n a world with nuclear weapons and ecological problems that cross all national borders, we desperately need to see humanity as a whole. Accounts of the past that focus primarily on the divisions between nations, religions, and cultures are beginning to look parochial and anachronistic —even dangerous.” (Maps of Time, 8)

To say that this curriculum is secular does not go far enough. The curriculum is openly and unabashedly anti-religion and anti-Christian. This curriculum was used in 55 public schools in its first year, 45 of the schools were in the United States including one school in Naples, Florida. Incredibly, Big History was used in 4 Catholic schools! The first year was only the “pilot” run for this year-long curriculum. It is has not yet been disclosed how many schools will use this indoctrination, (my-bad… I meant to say curriculum), next year. The expansion of this “standardized” curriculum to more and more schools is a natural route for the secular progressive movement which wants to completely remove religion (and by extension Christian morality) from our society. By teaching children that Jesus was a myth it completely undermines our faith and value systems. It teaches our children that this is no truth in the Bible and that belief in the Word of God is the quaint fallacy of their poorly informed and simple minded parents. The proliferation of this type of curricula makes it increasing urgent that we take the education of our children into our own hands. Whatʼs at stake is no less than the salvation and eternal souls of our children.

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