Blindsided by Science

Blindsided by Science

Rocking the scientific community, a recent DNA study published in the Journal of Human Evolution refutes evolution. Doctor David Thaler of the University of Basel in Switzerland and Doctor Mark Stoeckle looked at the DNA barcodes of 100,000 different species. In an interview, Dr. Thaler said that he was shocked by their findings which show that almost all species on Earth today came into being at the same time, thousands, not millions or billions of years ago.

“This conclusion is very surprising,” he told Agence France-Presse, “and I fought against it as hard as I could.”

The study found that 90% of all species on Earth came into being at the same time, between 100,000 to 200,000 years ago. Secular scientists claim that all life on earth evolved from the same single-celled organism over hundreds of millions or even billions of years. Worse yet, for the secular scientific community, is that their study also refuted the long-held notion that species with large populations spread across the globe, like humans, become more genetically diverse over time. These findings are a powerful knockout punch leaving evolution theory down for the count.

This discovery is consistent with the creation account in Genesis where God created the world and everything in six literal days. However, the findings of this study are utterly irreconcilable with the theory of evolution. To claim that everything just happened to evolve at the same time is so implausible that even the most zealous evolutionists would have to admit that this is an unsparing beatdown of their worldview. But they won’t. They will ignore the findings, or explain them away with yet another far-fetched rescuing device. But for the rest of us, we can be content in the knowledge that Creation Happened, just like it says in Genesis.

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