Concerning Hobbits: turns out, hobbits are people, too!

Concerning Hobbits: turns out, hobbits are people, too!

In 2004 the excavation of skeletal remains in Indonesia was heralded as the “most important find in human evolution in 100 years.”

The remains were proclaimed to be a new species and dubbed Homo floresiensis, a/k/a Hobbit Man. The “Hobbit Man”, actually a woman, stood only 3.5 feet tall and had an extremely small brain. Because of these traits scientists declared Homo floresiensis to be a less evolved human ancestor, an until now missing link to our evolutionary past. Wikipedia, the authority on everything, (and which changes constantly), declares Homo floresiensis to be an extinct species in the genus Homo. The Smithsonian declares Hobbit man to be an early human species and has displayed a model depicting Hobbit man as an ape-like human. In 2004, the magazine Science declared “New Species of Small Human Found in Indonesia”. Secular scientist declared that the battle to prove evolution had been won.


Top view of a cast of the LB1 skull.  Photo - Wikipedia
Top view of a cast of the LB1 skull. Photo – Wikipedia

It seems that every a fossil which falls outside of the typical range of variations known to exist among humans is declared to be a missing link, a transitional fossil, proof of the evolution of man. However it is always latter proven that the fossil is either all human, all ape, or a complete fraud. Think about it, if scientist were to know nothing of the dog kind and unearthed two skeletons, one of a chihuahua and one of a great dane, how likely would they be to say they were the same kind of animal? Likewise there is a big variation in human beings, from quite small to quite large. Some people have small foreheads, some have large sloping foreheads. Having a small brain does not make you a non-human, in fact it does not even prevent you from becoming a member of the United States Congress.


Now, after more than ten years of beating the evolutionary propaganda drums, secular scientists are saying, gee whiz, I guess we got this one wrong. On August 4th, 2014 the Penn State News published an article stating that an international team of researchers including Robert B. Eckhardt, professor of developmental genetics and evolution at Penn State, Maciej Henneberg, professor of anatomy and pathology at the University of Adelaide and Kenneth Hsu, a Chinese geologist and paleoclimatologist have concluded that the Hobbit man skeleton was that of a developmentally abnormal human. To be precise Hobbit man is simply a person who was afflicted with Downs Syndrome. Hobbit man is not a missing link, just a small person with a common genetic disorder.


Wow, not the discovery of a less evolved human species at all, simply a homo sapien; who would have thought? Well, as it turns out, lots of people thought that Hobbit man was just a human,

The cave on Flores Island where the specimens were discovered
The cave on Flores Island where the specimens were discovered Photo – Wikipedia

including: secular scientist like anatomist Maciej Henneberg; the scientist at Institute of Creation Research (ICR); Carl Wieland who released two articles through Answers in Genesis entitled Soggy Dwarf Bones and Hobbling the Hobbit; not to mention Ken Ham who, in an interview by Agape Press entitled Creation May Explain Skeletal Remains Better Than Darwinism, rejected the theory that Hobbit man was a new species. The opposition voices did not prevent the secular scientific community from declaring Hobbit man a newly discovered transitional species; but now we know that the creationists were correct all along. Hobbit man joins the long list of purported “missing links” that have turned out to be completely human, completely apes, or completely hoax (with the exception of Nebraska Man who turned out to be a pig… not making this up).


I doubt that the true explanation of Hobbit man will receive the media attention of the original wild speculation about a “missing link”. No one will trumpet that the “Most Important find in human evolution in 100 years” turned out to be a bust. But we creationists will know the next time we see a headline proclaiming the death of creationism. We will know the next time that secular science claims to have conclusive proof that the bible is fable. Turns out we can rely upon the word of God after all.

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