Creation Ranch The Moo-vie Barn

We recently purchased a small ranch, (30 Acres), the Tampa Bay area to use as Creation Happened’s “Creation Ranch.” We believe that the use of scientific-sounding but utterly false theories, like evolution, are an effective tool that Satan is using to separate our children from the Church. A recent study found that by 5th grade half of the children in the Church do not believe that the Bible is true. We are attempting to combat that influence by building a “Creation Learning Center.” We hope that the center will serve as a model for other communities.

We hope to eventually have a multi-purpose building where we can host speakers, teach seminars, have summer camps and clubs for kids. Our first project will be to convert our four thousand square foot pole barn into a movie barn. We plan to host movies for Christian families on Friday nights, including bonfires, and hay rides, (we already bought and are presently restoring a covered wagon!) Each film will be proceeded by a few minutes of apologetic teaching and maybe a Skype call from scientists, teachers, Christian actors, and athletes.

This fall or winter we are planning a dinner in Tampa to help raise the funds that we need for the movie pavilion.  We pray that you will participate by attending our dinner or by providing financial support for our project.