God’s Brilliant Design or Alien Species?

God’s Brilliant Design or Alien Species?

Octopuses are smart and have amazing abilities, is that proof of God’s grand design or evidence of an alien invasion? Octopuses are absolutely amazing animals, they can instantly change their appearance, squeeze through tiny spaces and even, apparently, edit their own RNA. RNA stands for Ribonucleic Acid and it works together with DNA. Scientists have found evidence that the octopus can change its own RNA. This confuses secular scientists because it conflicts with their understanding of how evolution is believed to work.

Making them more confused, is the fact that the few fossils of octopuses that have been found suggest that the octopus has remained unchanged throughout time. This has led secular scientist to conclude that the octopus must be a species alien to Earth, seeded here on frozen chunks of space debris. But in reality, evolution is impossible. God created the octopus and other cephalopods with a fantastic ability to adapt to the environment where He placed them. God created the Earth and everything on it in six literal days, believe it.


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