God’s Design and the Potty Plants of Borneo

God’s Design and the Potty Plants of Borneo

Genesis tells us that in the beginning, all living things ate only plants for food and that no death occurred. Secular scientists sometimes point to carnivorous plants as evidence that some things are “designed” to eat animals. The T-rex of plants is the giant montane pitcher plant of Borneo. The plant is so large that it can hold half a gallon of digestive liquid. It is rumored that the plants eat rats and tree shrews. However, there is no documented evidence that a pitcher plant has ever eaten a vertebrate animal.

In 2010 scientists studying the giant carnivorous plant discovered something very startling. The plant is perfectly designed to act as a perch for the tree shrew while they lick the nectar from the plant’s flower. Further, the plant is perfectly designed to catch the feces from the shrew as it eats. It is now believed that the shrew’s droppings are a necessary component of the plant’s nutrition. In fact, the plant is so expertly designed to perfectly fit the tree shrews that secular scientists are claiming that it is the result of convergent evolution, the belief that the two species evolved to accommodate each other. But since we know that evolution is impossible it is clear that the giant montane pitcher plant is an example of God’s fantastic design. Not only was it perfectly designed to exist in its environment, but it was also clearly designed to survive without killing any animals.


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