Here We Go Again, Another Supposed Human Ancestor

Here We Go Again, Another Supposed Human Ancestor

Every few years scientists discover some new fossil which they proclaim to be another distant human ancestor; but they always later turn out to be all ape, all human or a complete fake. Every time this happens the media immediately declare the fossils to be a new humanoid, a “missing link” to our evolutionary past. The problem is that, years later when the fossils are determined not to be a human ancestor, the media never covers the real story.

We have seen this happen many times in history. Recently when the discovery of the so-called “Hobbit Man”, (initially heralded by the media as the end of creationism and the conclusive proof of evolution), was determined to be just a woman with a common genetic disorder, the media did not cover the truth; only the premature sensational speculation. In reality “evolutionary change” of one kind of creature into an entirely new kind of creature is a exercise in imaginary connect the dots. There is no scientific evidence that change in kind is even possible.

Here we are again with “Homo Nadeli” supposedly a human ancestor found in an African cave by scientist Lee Berger. National Geographic has drawn a picture of “Nadeli” as being very human-like, but remember, this is just a picture, made by artists. In reality we have no idea what “Nadeli” looked like. The National Geographic depiction looks a lot like a cross between Abraham Lincoln and a bull dog. But maybe “Nadeli” looked a lot more like a chimpanzee or a gorilla.

Scientist Lee Berger describes with breathless excitement how Nadeli has human like teeth and feet but “an ape like shoulder structure, an ape like core” like the fossil called “Lucy”, (which is the fossil of an ape.) Hey, here’s a theory: maybe “Naledi” has an ape like core, and a brain the size of an orange because … its an ape, just saying.

Berger speculates that, because Nadeli was found in a cave, it had the custom of burial of the dead. However this conjecture appears to be completely unsupported by any meaningful evidence. Even some secular scientists are disputing whether “Nadeli” is a newly discovered species or that it buried its dead. Christoph Zollikofer of the University of Zurich has said: “The ‘new species’ and ‘dump-the-dead’ claims are clearly for the media. None of them is substantiated by the data presented in the publications.” William Jungers, Ph.D. of Stony Brook University School of Medicine stated “Intentional disposal of rotting corpses by fellow pinheads makes a nice headline, but seems like a stretch to me.”

You will certainly hear more about Nadeli in the near future, but keep in mind, most of what you will hear and see is pure speculation. For the truth about creation, from an eye witness, take a look at the Book of Genesis. Creation happened, you can believe it!

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