Kind and Gentle Manatees

Kind and Gentle Manatees



Our great God asks us to be kind and gentle. What does it mean to be gentle? God gave us an example of that.    Manatees treat each other kindly and gently. They do not fight or shove when they are together. We can be kind and gentle when we are together with other people. We can think about the other person more than about ourselves and try to treat the other person the way we would want to be treated.
What is a manatee? It is a large, gray creature that lives in water and has thick skin like an elephant. Manatees are called “Marine Mammals” because they are mammals that live in water in the ocean and in rivers that drain into an ocean. They stay close to land but never go onto land. Manatees are also called “Sea Cows” because they are like cows in three ways: 1) a manatee’s baby is called a calf, like a cow’s baby is called a calf; 2) a manatee eats grass under water like a cow eats grass on land; 3) a group of manatees is called a herd, like a group of cows is called a herd.
Manatees are also call “Gentle Giants” because they are larger than a person and because they are gentle when they are in a herd or when they are close to people or other animals. In the winter time when the water is cold, manatees in Florida come together in big herds near warm water springs. The manatees in the herds do not ram into each other or punch or try to get to the head of the line. They are kind and gentle with each other. Can you be kind and gentle like manatees?
In II Timothy 2:24, God says “A servant of God must not quarrel but be kind and gentle to all.”

– MaryAnn Stuart

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