More Evidence of a Global Flood

More Evidence of a Global Flood

Recently discovered evidence provides significant additional scientific proof, not only that the Biblical Flood happened, but that it happened in the way suggested by creation scientists.

A new study has shed some light on the events leading to the global flood by describing catastrophic changes to the ocean floor. This study supports the creation scientists’ theory that the global flood was started by the breaking up and sinking of parts of the ocean floor.


The predominate flood theory involves the geologic process called subduction. This global flood theory is sometimes called “runaway subduction”. The Earth’s crust (the solid rock layer that covers the Earth) is made up of a number of massive blocks called plates. The word tectonic relates to the Earth’s movements. The study of the movement of these plates is therefore called plate tectonics. Many people have heard about the San Andreas Fault and how it has caused many earthquakes on the west coast. The San Andreas Fault is the boundary line between two plates, one making up North America and one making up part of the floor of the Pacific Ocean. Generally the plates interact with each other in one of three different ways: 1. extension (rifting or moving apart); 2. transform faulting (horizontal slippage along a fault line… think San Andreas fault); and 3. compression (mostly by subduction). During subduction one of the plates slides under the other plate.


The actual scientific theory of runaway subduction as originally proposed by geophysicists John Baumgardner is very complex and involves geophysical mechanisms which would be very difficult to describe without becoming extremely technical. Generally the theory starts with one supercontinent surrounded by an ocean having an ocean floor made up of a cool rock layer. Some sudden trigger (like an earthquake or the hand of God, for example) caused the ocean floor to start cracking and breaking apart. The cool rocks of the ocean floor would be denser that the hot magma making up the Earth’s mantle. The denser cool rocks started to sink down into the mantle, slowly at first and then gaining momentum all along the edge of the supercontinent. Massive slabs of the ocean floor started rapidlysinking into the mantle displacing the magma and causing it to rise to the surface. The molten hot magma meeting the cold ocean water caused the magma to cool and solidify, forming a new ocean floor and simultaneously vaporizing massive volumes of ocean water. The vaporized water created a 43,000 mile long linear curtain of supersonic steam jets shooting ocean water and steam high into the atmosphere (maybe these were the “fountains of the great deep” in Genesis 7:11 and 8:2). This would literally be a wall of geysers shooting water thousands of feet into the sky. This water then fell back to the earth as intense global rain (“and then the floodgates of heaven were opened” Genesis 7:11) This process ultimately caused the supercontinent to break apart, transforming the Earth into its current configuration.


The new ocean floor would have been very hot and therefore less dense. This had the effect of causing the ocean floor to rise significantly. This means that the oceans were a mile more shallow then they are currently. The rising ocean floor caused water to flow over the land (“And all lofty mountains under the whole heaven were covered.” Genesis 7:19). As the ocean floor cooled it settled down, sinking to its current level, making the oceans more than a mile deeper and allowing the waters to recede back into the ocean depths (“the waters were diminished upon the earth” Genesis 8:13). Of course this theory is not only rejected by “old earth” scientist, it is ridiculed and called pseudoscience. They claim that the theory of runaway subduction is not supported by the considerable geologic evidence.

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