Creation Happened In Costa Rica

Creation Happened traveled to the town of Tarcoles, Costa Rica in May 2015 where we visited with Pastor Jaime Fuentes and his Congregation. The Christians we met in Tarcoles were very warm and friendly to us and we’re excited to hear about the alternate scientific theories for evolution and Uniformitarianism that confirm the creation account in the Bible.  This event prompted Pastor Jaime Fuentes to attend the Answers in Genesis Mega Conference with Creation Happened in Kentucky.

This video includes an interview with Pastor Fuentes and 12 year old Estefani from his congregation, Mission Bautista Tarcoles.  After hearing our presentation on Dinosaurs in the Bible, Estefani boldly challenged her teacher the very next day in school.  The children were surprised by her courage.  Ultimately, her teacher backed down from his statement that the earth was billion of years old saying simply, “that’s just what it says in this book”.  We gave them books and materials in Spanish generously provided to us by Answers in Genesis. We are happy and proud to be helping Answers in Genesis, any way we can, to spread the word in Latin America about the truth contained in the Bible and how modern science confirms that truth.

NOTE:  the video is in Spanish.  We will be providing an English translation in the near future.

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