Red Blood Cells and Collagen Found in Dinosaur Fossil

Red Blood Cells and Collagen Found in Dinosaur Fossil

Researchers in London, England made an amazing discovery, one they never expected. What they found was red blood cells and collages fibers in a poorly preserved dinosaur fossil. The researchers at Imperial College made the shocking discovery while using a new method to slice the fossil into tiny pieces. They didn’t expect to find  red blood cells and collagen in a fossil believed to be 75 million years old.


The word fossil is used a lot in the english language and its not completely understood by many people.  The word fossil actually comes from the latin language and means literally “obtained by digging”  So any artifact that we obtain by digging is technically a fossil.  But people also use the word fossil in a different way.  When something is buried in the earth it can become fossilized.  An artifact is fossilized when the actual material that originally made up the object, like bone for example, is replaced by minerals.  The artifact becomes a rock in the shape of the original object is also called a fossil;  but remember, not all fossils are fossilized.


The researchers at Imperial College believe that the earth is very, very old and that all of the dinosaurs died more than 65 million years ago.  These beliefs are called their “Worldview” and they affect how they view evidence, like dinosaur fossils.  When they look at a dinosaur fossil they assume that the fossil is very old.  That would be a logical conclusion if it were true that all the dinosaurs died millions of years ago.  Also, if an object were actually buried in the ground for millions years, certainly it would be logical that it would be completely fossilized, right?


fibres of apparent dinosaur collagen analyzed using a scanning electron microscope. Photograph: Sergio Bertazzo

The researchers used a high-tech cutting tool called a Focused Ion Beam or FIB to cut the fossil into tiny slices, called samples, and a scanning electron microscope or SEM was used to look at the samples.  They expected to see bone crystals, the minerals that had replaced the actual bone long ago.  Instead what they found was quite different, they found dinosaur  collagen and red blood cells.  Collagen is a connective tissue in animals made of protein.  Collagens are found in skin and in the tendons and ligaments that connect bones to each other inside the body.  The problem is that both collagen and red blood cells are very delicate and would completely deteriorate in a few hundred years.  In an extraordinary circumstance collagen may be preserved for a couple of thousand years, but not a million years, and certainly not for 75 million years.  To make matters worse, for the researchers, the fossils were not well preserved.  The fossilwas a garden variety, poorly preserved fossil.  The real problem that this finding presents for the researchers is that it contradicts their beliefs that the earth, and all of the dinosaur fossils are millions of years old.  An honest and unbiased explanation of these facts would be to accept that they are wrong about how long ago dinosaurs lived.Secular scientists however, will certainly find a way to explain away or trivialize this amazing discovery since it doesn’t fit their within their worldview, even if it is unsupported by the facts, or by science; we call this strategy a “rescuing device”.


Creation Scientists aren’t surprised by this discovery.  Young Earth Creation scientists believe dinosaurs walked with man and that dinosaur fossils are not very old at all. These scientists believe in Biblical Creation so their worldview is quite different.  They believe that the earth and everything on the earth was created, by God, approximately 6,000 years ago.  Young Earth Creation Scientists believe that dinosaurs were created on Day 6 of Creation week, like all of the other land animals and man.  They scientists believe that dinosaurs lived on the earth with man until dinosaurs became extinct, like many animals such as the mammoth and saber tooth cat, for example.  Creation Scientists believe a dinosaur fossil could be hundreds of years old or even thousands of years old but not millions of years. So finding blood cells or collagen in dinosaur fossils actually makes sense and confirms their worldview, and the account of Creation in the Bible; no rescuing device required.


For those of us who believe that the account in Genesis describes how God created the heavens and the earth, we know that, once again, modern science confirms the truth, the word of God, contained in the Bible.

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