Review of the Book:  Old Stretchy the Dinosaur Bone Cell

Review of the Book: Old Stretchy the Dinosaur Bone Cell

ostretchyReview of the book Old Stretchy the Dinosaur Bone Cell or What is an Osteocyte?!

by Professor Mark Armitage and Debra Liz Beltran

Scientist Mark Armitage makes a startling discovery which provides convincing evidence that dinosaurs lived on the Earth in the recent past. Professor Mark Armitage has been a microscopist (a scientists who specializes in using microscopes) for more than 35 years and has taught microscopy (the technical and scientific use of microscopes) at several universities and has published over 30 scientific publications and journal covers. Debra Liz Beltran is a professional photographer and illustrator. Professor Armitage sent us a copy of his book so that we could read it and provide a review.

In the book Mark and Debra document Mark’s trip to the Badlands in Montana, a part of the vast Hell’s Creek Formation, where he unearths a large triceratops horn. Professor Armitage then takes the horn back to his laboratory where he makes a startling discovery, soft tissue! Professor Mark describes how he has discovered, not just a sheet of soft tissue, but also loads of osteocytes, or bone cells. Professor Mark explains how the presence of these bone cells is proof that we are looking at the original bone from the dinosaur, and how the bone must be relatively young because these cell decompose quickly.

Mark and Debra take us step by step through the process of discovery and recovery of the fossil, preservation of the soft tissue back in his lab, and how he prepared the sample for microscopic examination. Professor Mark gives us a uniquely comprehensive perspective of this process and its amazing results. The book, a softbound 25 pages, is well narrated and provides outstanding photographs and illustrations throughout. Professor Mark Armitage is a tremendous resource to those who are interested in teaching their children about real science in light of the Truth contained in the Bible.2016_09_20_15_20_28

This book does contain scientific terms, but the use use of these terms in the context of this subject is necessary and highly instructive, even to young readers. Mark and Debra are careful to define scientific terms and provide instructive illustrations. This book is a wealth of information about how fossils are found, preserved and evaluated under a microscope. We highly recommend this book for kids from age ten and older. In addition many scientifically minded adults will find this book very interesting and informative.
You can obtain a copy of this book by writing to Professor Mark Armitage at or by snail mail to:

Micro Specialist
587E North Ventu Park Rd. #304
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320

If you write to Mark and Debra please thank them for producing this valuable book, and for being a blessing to Christian families around the world.

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