The Blind Men and the Dinosaur

The Blind Men and the Dinosaur

In total darkness, it’s a struggle to comprehend your environment. An ancient parable found in Hindu, Buddhist and Jain texts illustrates the difficulty of understanding a thing based upon limited information. In the parable of the Blind Men and the Elephant, several sightless men attempt to describe an elephant based upon their minimal tactile examination of a small part of the animal. The lesson of the parable is that, absent a comprehensive understanding, a limited investigation can lead you to draw an erroneous conclusion. Likewise, secular scientists often fumble to describe scientific evidence based upon their myopic and flawed worldview.

In a recent blog post, I wrote about a DNA study that concluded, to the total chagrin of the scientists involved, that most of the species on Earth came into existence at the same time. In April an item in the Science Daily detailed a study conducted by Bristol University which concluded that Dinosaurs appeared on Earth all at once. 1 The article discusses a 2018 report in the journal Nature Communications. 2 The researchers involved were surprised, and no doubt annoyed, that the fossil record of all dinosaurs appeared suddenly. “First there were no dinosaur tracks, and then there were many.” Lead author Dr. Massimo Bernardi, Curator at MUSE and Research associate at Bristol’s School of Earth Sciences, said: “We had been studying the footprints in the Dolomites for some time, and it’s amazing how clear-cut the change from ‘no dinosaurs’ to ‘all dinosaurs’ was.”

Amazing, indeed, but not unexpected to those of us who are sighted. From a Biblical worldview, it makes perfect sense that all of the dinosaur fossils appeared at the same time. Dinosaurs were all created on Day 6 and it likely that all of the fossils that we find today were created during Noah’s worldwide flood. But for secular scientists, groping in the dark, it will remain a perplexing mystery. The sudden appearance of a multitude of dinosaur fossils belies the theory of evolution. The instantaneous emergence of mature and varied dinosaur species contradicts what they would expect to find in the fossil record. The more facts that are uncovered by science, the more confirmation that we have of the Creation account in Genesis. Creation happened in six literal twenty-four hour days, and you can believe it.

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