The Nature of Science

The Nature of Science

What is science? That’s a word we hear a lot. Usually, it is used like this: “Science tell us this or science tell us that.” But that doesn’t make any sense, science isn’t a person, it can’t talk or tell us anything.

Science means knowledge. Science also is a term that we use to describe the search for knowledge, the scientific method. There are two kinds of science; observational science is when we can see something, (observe it), and then perform experiments to look at the results. Observational science is used to develop amazing phones and electronics and to send rockets to outer-space. There is also historical science, that’s where we try to figure out what happened in the past. The problem is that we cannot go back in time to see what happened. We have to look at evidence based on what we know about the world.

Here is the problem: if you think that the earth is very old then you will accept that the evidence that you are looking at is also very old. But if you know that the Bible is the ultimate source of truth, and view the evidence knowing what happened in the past, you can make a better guess (hypothesis) about what the evidence means. That’s what people are talking about when they say that your “worldview” affects how you see the evidence.

When you look at fossils and rocks with the Biblical worldview, everything makes sense, and you can see that scientific evidence from the past confirms everything that it says in the Bible. You can go to the “Check This Out” section of our website and watch the video called The Nature of Science. Remember, God created the world, and everything in it in six actual days, you can believe it!

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