The Stars Also

The Stars Also

          What we think we know about the Universe changes constantly as we discover new scientific information. A good example of this is Pluto, long believed to be a large planet. Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930 and estimated by Tombaugh to be six times the size of Earth. Pluto is so far away that it can only be seen as a tiny dot on a large telescope. Scientists accepted Pluto as a giant outer planet for fifty years until information gathered from an even bigger telescope revealed that it was actually much smaller than they believed. It is now accepted that Pluto has only 1/500th the mass of Earth, smaller than our moon! Pluto is not even big enough to be considered a planet. How could so many scientist have gotten it so wrong for so long? That’s a great question.


          Scientists need to constantly change their theories and science books because they are continually learning new information that expands their knowledge. Pluto, no longer considered a planet, belongs to a class of objects known as TNOs (Trans Neptunian Objects, or objects that lie beyond the orbit of Neptune). Secular scientists believe that these objects were left-overs from when the solar system formed, supposedly 4.6 billion years ago. But Pluto and its moons are a problem for the estimated age of the solar system. We know know that Pluto and its moon Charon have a lot of volcanic activity (which is also true for lots of other TNOs). But these objects are very far from the Sun and if they were really billions of years old they would have cooled off by now. If we were to accept the age of the solar system as approximately 6000 years, like it says in the Bible, then we would expect to find volcanos on Pluto. God does not need to learn new information to know about our universe, He was there when it formed and He created it. That’s why the Bible never has to be revised, every word in it is the truth, revealed to us by our great Creator.


          Creation happened, just like it says in Genesis. Believe it!

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