The Truth Awakens

The Truth Awakens

     The East Coast is bracing for an invasion force one trillion strong, a force that will bring with it clear evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence. However, this force will not be comprised of Imperial Storm Troopers. While the intelligence is from outside of our world, the invaders are not. These marauders are already here, and they are literally hiding eight inches under the surface of the Earth.

     In 1960 astronomer Frank Drake performed the first modern experiment to search for intelligence from beyond our planet; his search was dubbed Project Ozma. Drake devised a brilliant scheme for communication with this external intelligence using prime numbers. (A prime number is a natural number greater than one which is only evenly divisible by itself and the number one, for example 2, 3, 5, 7.) To show that the numbers were a message they would be repeated over and over. This was the method used by “aliens” to communicate with us here on Earth in the 1985 science fiction novel “Contact” by Carl Sagan. In 1961 SETI (Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence) was formed and has been scanning the heavens for messages coded in prime numbers ever since. (For the record, we are still waiting to hear from e.t..)

     This spring, when the soil in the north eastern United States reaches 64 degrees fahrenheit, billions, perhaps as many as a trillion red-eyed nymphs will emerge from hiding. This noisy hoard is know as the Periodical Cicadas, Brood V or by the scientific name Magicicada Septendecim. These insects began their life back in 1999. After spending nearly two decades underground they will complete their life cycle when they emerge in the spring of 2016, mate and then die six weeks later. There are over 1300 species of cicadas but 15 known species are periodic; they emerge on a 13 or a 17 year cycle.

     Its a mystery to secular scientists how these tiny insects are able to know that 13 or 17 years have passed and how they are able to precisely determine the temperature of the soil. Entomologist Michael Raupp from the University of Maryland said, “These guys are geniuses with little tiny brains.” Indeed, scientists and engineers can develop machines to determine and process temperature data but not on a such a small scale.

     What is most interesting however is how the timing of these broods is interpreted by secular scientists. Secular scientists have speculated that the timing of the cicada cycles is to confuse predators or so that the different broods are not competing with each other. Michale Raupp says, “These guys have evolved several mathematically clever tricks,”. Really Michael, that’s what your going with? Both 13 and 17 are prime numbers. The cycles have been repeating for as long as recorded history. Had these numbers been coming from the cosmos secular scientists would be proclaiming proof of life on other planets. And when prime numbers come from God’s creation here on Earth, it’s chalked up to an evolutionary math trick. In spite of the marvelous design and sophistication of this insect, its complexity is attributed to accidental chance. It is likely that if a secular scientist did recognize that the prime numbered cycles were a message of some type, it would be accredited to “aliens” planting the insects on Earth.

     The Bible tell us, “For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth”. Colossians 1:16. We all see the same data and the same evidence from God’s great creation. The difference is that secular scientists are compelled, by convention and by peer pressure, to interpret the data through the lens of evolution and billion of years. They are self restrained to find only natural explanations that exclude intelligent design, even when to do so is clearly absurd. For those of us who know the truth of the Bible, the creation provides a stunning confirmation of the vast and infinite intelligence of the Creator, the one true God of the Bible.

     Creation happened. We can believe it.

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