Next Sunday, take a close look at the children in your Church, your children, or your grandchildren. The children of your friends and your family. Now imagine that two out of three of them are gone. You don’t need to imagine because they are already gone. Is this a dire prediction by overly legalistic conservatives? No, it’s a reality, measured by professionals and documented in books like Already Gone, by Ken Ham.

There is a title wave washing away the foundation of the Church. Our children are on the front line of this assault. They are being washed out of the Church by a flood of scientific-sounding, anti-biblical doctrines. These contradictory false narratives are propagated by our secular schools and popular culture. They may sound impressive, and they are bolstered by the authority of the secular scientific community; still, they are deeply flawed and incorrect theories. Children are immersed in these theories from a young age. They are learning that they cannot be scientists, cannot be sophisticated members of society until they embrace these theories as well. Secular society tells our children that the Bible can’t be trusted because science has proven, beyond all doubt, that it is untrue. Studies show that by fifth grade, half of our children, our Christen children, believe that the Bible is not valid.

We are Creation Happened. We are parents and grandparents of teens and toddlers. We are Christen men and women who are not willing to allow the secular world to define truth. We stand on the absolute truth contained in the Bible. We help to educate kids and parents alike, right here in Tampa Bay. We teach about real science and how it does not contradict the creation account in the Bible. We make videos and write articles that kids can understand. We reach kids through kids. Through kid’s blogs, kid’s videos, and a kid’s worship band. We show apologetic movies that teach about science and show how real science does not contradict the Bible. We equip parents to answer hard questions their kids ask about their faith.

We are just getting started. We have reached out to hundreds of kids and their parents. We are hosting movie nights at our Movie Barn, together with music, hayrides, and bonfires. Young people are having fun and learning about God’s amazing creation in a God-honoring way. It’s hard to measure our impact, but if even one child can defend his/her faith when they get to high school or college, it will have an eternal impact. Kids need to know that science does not contradict the Bible. They need to know that they can be scientifically literate, or actual scientists, and still be Christians. They need to be confident that the ultimate source of truth is the Bible.

We are called upon to witness to people with reason. “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” 1 Peter 3:15. We need your help. Our mission, to reach every kid, is vast, the need is great. We need help writing and editing video, help running events, help with the kid’s worship band. We want to raise funds to build a multipurpose building where we can have classes, clubs, make videos, and have a facility to serve as our base of operations. Whatever your talent or gift, we are sure that you can help. Please help us.