Six Days of Creation Contest Winners

The Winning Video of  Six Days of Creation Video Contest Age 15 and Under Category is 13 years old Braden from Tampa, Florida.  Congratulations Braden!

The winning Video fro the 16 and older Category is 18 year old Nathaniel from Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Great Job Nathaniel!

Creation Happened is a Christianity-defending apologetics ministry, dedicated to equipping Christians to defend their faith and to train up the next generation.  We focus on teaching science in such a way as to bring glory to God and to demonstrate how modern science confirms the Creation account in the Book of Genesis.  We believe that scientific fallacies like evolution and a very old age of the earth are being used, very effectively, to turn our children away from Christianity.  We desire to train our children to develop a biblical worldview and to know and defend the truth of creation with knowledge, skill and unshakeable confidence!

Ribbon Cutting Day

Ken Ham takes time out of one his busiest days every to speak with ten year old Jaxon of Creation Happened about the Ark Encounter

Ark Encounter Ribbon Cutting Press Conference

Ark Rain

Flooding dampens spirits as the Ark Encounter Ribbon Cutting arrpraches.

Video Review of the new Buddy Davis Movie, Alaska