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The Stars Also

          What we think we know about the Universe changes constantly as we discover new scientific information. A good example of this

The Truth Awakens

     The East Coast is bracing for an invasion force one trillion strong, a force that will bring with it clear evidence

von Neuman Machine

       Just Imagine, a car that builds itself in your garage, and then performs its own maintenance and repairs! In

A Turtle (Chelonian) Shares Cheerfully

Our great God asks us to share with people cheerfully. What does it mean to be cheerful? God gave us an example

Kind and Gentle Manatees

  Our great God asks us to be kind and gentle. What does it mean to be gentle? God gave us an

Here We Go Again, Another Supposed Human Ancestor

Every few years scientists discover some new fossil which they proclaim to be another distant human ancestor; but they always later turn

Earth’s Magnetic Field, Evidence of a Young Planet

The earth’s magnetic field, which protects all life from radiation, is rapidly decaying.         The earth has a magnetic field that

Folded Rock Layers, Evidence of a Young Earth

Hey kids, here is one more proof that the earth is not very old, folded rock layers. In many places on the

The “Faint Young Sun” Paradox

Old earth scientists have an insurmountable contradiction on their hands; if the earth really is billions of years, as they claim, a much

God Bless Texas: On Textbooks, Texans and “Real” Science

The Director of the National Science and Teachers Associations, Dr. David Evans, Believes that the Inclusion of Creation Science in Biology Textbooks is “Simply